I'm a scientist, so I'm definitely going to recommend the scientific method to help you out with this! Since the environment can be so variable, I think it would help you a lot to do the same exact wash/style process with the same exact products every day for a little while, and track how your hair reacts. Then you can examine how the environment (dew point, wind, etc) affects your style. Since that's your only variable, you'll know exactly what's causing daily changes in your hair.

When you've done that for a little while (a few days, a week or two, whatever you want) switch ONE thing about your routine. Change, add, or subtract ONE product, add in five minutes of plopping, use more gel, whatever you want to experiment with! Do that same routine for several days and see how your hair changes. Then you can look back at the previous week's results, see how your hair differs, and know pretty much for sure that it was that one routine alteration that is creating differences in your hair.

I hope that makes sense! But I definitely think that isolating your modifications is the best way to go about keeping your hair journal, otherwise you'll never be able to pinpoint the exact variable that's affecting your hair in an interesting way. Hope that helps!
Hair type: 3a, medium porosity (??), medium texture
Final sulfate wash: April 14, 2009
Co-wash: Suave Pomegranate
Conditioner: GVPCB, AOHR, Garnier Triple Nutrition
Products: Experimenting with KCKT and KCCC

My hair loves:
Olive oil
...still trying to figure out what else!

My hair hates:
Biotera Curl Creme (?)