I am not auntnett but I was asking her about the seabuckthorn too. I believe she used the oil on her face. That is why I bought the Aubrey face wash - sea buckthorn & cucumber with Ester C. I have used it 1-2 times but I was concerned that is noted it is for combo-dry skin. It felt almost too moisturizing for me but like I said I have used 1-2 times. I have used it with my Pretika since that could be a bit irritating to my sensitive skin so I figured a more moisturizing face wash could offset that.

I am not much help am I? I am still interesting in trying the oil to see if I could clear up my cheeks even more.

I have seen much improvement but it's weird - the areas that were bad prior have faded but around my period they get a bit redder and more irritated looking but not like they were before. But you can definitely still see the spots where it was bad. And they are still red looking.

I hope the toner continues to help you!!!
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