My DH had his PC Magazine out next to his PC this morning...a bad sign. Suddenly, as I was doing some final touches to my Conditioner Chronicles, my hair products database corrupted and was attempting to repair itself. Baddddd DH! Don't mess with stuff on Conditioner Chronicles Day!

Anyway, I scolded him appropriately, got a backup copy, and imported in my new stuff from the corrupted copy into the backup (yeah, I'm a geek). I reminded my DH he isn't a PC person, has no formal training in PC upgrades and repairs, and should do nothing to his PC that he sees in a magazine, online, or otherwise without my permission. Ironically, he lost MS Word when he did what he did.

I had him roll back to a checkpoint (love anti-virus/anti-spyware/system maintanance tool we have soooo much more than norton's), and all is well again with him too.

Anyway, I just wanted to vent my panic and frustration. Anyone else have a DH who just can't leave well enough alone with the PCs?