Oyin Honey-Hemp Conditioner (* ^ ~ @ %)
Primary Positive: natural-looking curls, good moisture source, good shine, excellent detangling
Primary Fault: surface frizz
This cond just may get the award for the easiest distribution thru the hair and most effortless detangling. It distributed so effortlessly and, while my hair drank it in, its slip remained so that I used much less conditioner than normal. The fragrance was this amazing orange creamsicle (less citrusy, not strong at all, more sweet with a twinge of citrus) fragrance. In my hand, it felt very lightweight, but my hair felt rich and luxurious. I can't imagine this conditioner weighing down my curls. In the morning, I was amazed by the shine. I also had shiny, soft piecey curls. Through the day, the piecey definition loosened to natural, soft curls though I still had few spirals under the top layer. I had some subtle, fluffy surface frizz in warmer temps that wasn’t there in cooler ones. My hair remained light and soft though the day, not weighed down at all. Oddly, airy-soft and light didn't make it was not as soft as it should be or soft only because it was airy as if it was moisture lacking. It just felt weighless and soft. The best descriptor for my curls was natural because there was next to no curl boosting and very nice shine all day.
water, organic aloe vera gel, behentremonium methosulfate (from colza oil), honey, coconut oil, hemp oil, vegetable glycerine, hydrolyzed silk, citrus essences, fragrance, preservative.