Hi everyone, new here. I have an appointment scheduled for 3 days from now. My stylist had used a product that straightened my hair in the past and I absolutely loved it! I have very frizzy, kinky, curly, thick, coarse hair. This stuff, I'll get the name of it and post was awesome. Made my hair smooth, silky feeling and straighter, not stick straight but straighter and I could flat iron it if I wanted and it was awesome. The outgrow was odd looking and it took longer to get it straight but that was only on the grown out part. Lasted as long as I could tolerate the part growing out.

Now she wants to try this stuff. It seems VERY expensive in this day and age for something that eventually washes out, or wears out. The other product she put on, rinsed out, put in another thing, rinsed and then styled straight. Left it on for three days and loved it. Easy to tolerate the three days because it wasn't icky or sticky and she styled it how I wanted it. Now it seems to me that several girls have said their hair wasn't nice during the three day waiting period. And it seems to wear off.....I'm a bit worried about spending this kind of money. The other product was sooo amazing, only $70 and I could go 6 months to a year before having it done again. This last time she did it it seemed to not "take" well. She says its because of my water, shampoo, dying etc.

I live in a rural area of Michigan and am shocked that my stylist has this available. I'm just worried that she may not have a clue how to do the process properly.

I'm sooo confused! She described what the process was and it didn't seem like what anyone mentioned here. I'd like to know a few things...

From those of you that are stylists what is the exact process?

From those of you with 3C hair, did you tolerate the 3 days of waiting before you could shampoo well? What was the feel of your hair?

Where is an inexpensive place to get the sodium free shampoos and conditioners online?