Yep, GuardianB, that's what I meant. It doesn't seem to me that Jews or Muslims or Buddhists, etc. have much of a problem with mentioning "god" in the Pledge. It's the people who don't believe in ANY of those gods that have a problem.
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Not quite true. Muslims don't call their god "God" - they call their god "Allah" and would have problems calling their god "God." Buddhists do not believe in transcendant, personal a god or goddess. There are many religious which believe in multiple gods and goddesses and would have a problem with pledging allegiance to a nation that under a "God" instead of all the gods. (And some adherents to the 3 Abrahamic religions believe that speaking the name of God, Jehovah, or Allah aloud is a blasphemy, anyway.)

The whole Under God thing really does reflect a Judeo-Christian bias - not just a bias against the nonreligious.
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Thanks, kurlykitty. Every time I've mentioned my position against the Pledge of Allegiance (in "real life"), people have jumped on me saying that all religions have a god, not just the christians, etc. I hadn't really had the chance to think it through and prove them wrong!
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