a few observations (ftfe i hope you read this and chim in!!)

1 - it's hard...maybe because i'm not a really morning person but some of the things i couldn't do on the fit test like the push up jacks and the low plank oblique move. in place of the push up jacks i just did modified push ups so i hope as i progress i'll be able to do some. in place of the low plank oblique i just held the plank which at that point was tough (it's the last exercise).

2 - it's a good workout....i was sweating, i was challenging. i'm a fitness instructor and i was still challenged. it gives me ideas for my class too.

3 - it's a good video production....no cheesy set, no weird music, no crazy talking. at least for the fit test that is...

4 - i'm glad i got it and i'm still excited even though i couldn't do some of the moves. i've got to get enough rest so i have a chance in hell to do this and improve with time.

ftfe i have a question...with the power knees are you just doing one side only? maybe i missed it but i would have thought you would have done each side for 30 secs or a mins so you stay "balanced". i was tired so i might have missed it but i didn't notice changing sides in the video.
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