Yes Amda I agree with you, they were sensible about it and silicones are actually good to use when styling with heat....but it's the lines like totally twisted and hello hydration that I'm concerned about. Totally twisted is meant to be for working with natural curls isn't it? curls need moisture not suffocation..........oh well.....

also, LOL, I can see it now, NEW FORMULA Herbal Essences as soon as they find out about and CG. Haha, but it's easy to forget that with all the fabulous ppl on NC to help us out, like you said we are only a minority (however we have better hair days than the majority thats for sure lol) It will be a while before the rest of the world 'clicks' onto our madness, but it will happen one day, us aussies just have to scavange around for a while until we get upgraded....xo
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