I actually like the brazil nut cream although i do agree with you that it can get greasy if you use too much of it, i never used it on dry hair always wet and i used to use it with mousse so i got defined curls but without the crunch ( and did use it this summer over Curls spiral cream when my milkshake ran out and i was at Myrtle beach)

I tried the mask and didn't like that, i love the smell of the brazil nut cream but the mask smells different and made my hair really tangly after so once I'd finished using it i never bought it again.

the grapeseed glossing serum ( i think it's grapeseed anyway) is ok as far as serums go, and the Amlika leave in conditioner is quite nice too, creamy but not greasy although i don't like the smell too much.

However, the Honey shampoo and conditioner i love! I have been using them for about a year now and the conditioner is really moisturizing and seems to make my curls spring back to life. The shampoo took a while to grow on me i was used to shampoo's that lathered up really well this doesn't but once i got used to it i really like it.
so on the whole styling products are ok, but you can probably get something better for the price you pay but i would strongly recommend the honey shampoo and conditioner.
Long thick curls, mix of 3b/3c