OK i haven't read all the responses before me but isn't there enough to worry about in this world other than the words "under God"
What's next...money is going to have to change too???
Really people are just looking to ****** at something!
The fact is the pledge of allegance was written so long ago, its just part of the american heritage, why does it have to be taken so literally.
Can't we remember what this country was found upon without people going crazy over the wording??
I just think its so absolutely ridiculous that people are up in arms over the words "under God" and making people say it because not everyone is christian and what not but no one cares that this country wants to ban gay marriages which IS ALSO....based on soley religious beliefs!

If you really wanna fight for separation of church and state then it should be for COMPLETE separation not just for the things you want to be separate.