Hi all,

I hope its not inappropriate for me to ask these questions here but I didn't know where else to ask. I have never swapped/sold/purchased on here so I wanted to get some info.

Is there anything you can do besides post here if you have a bad swap?

Since I am new to swapping, is there anything I can do to help a potential swapper/buyer/seller more comfortable? I have been using Ebay for yrs and have all positive feedback so I guess I can direct them to my Ebay SN?

Would it be unfair to say I'll sell to anyone who uses Paypal but I will only sawp with someone who has a positive reputation on here or Ebay?

What do you all think? Any info would be greatly appreciated!!!
Thanks ladies
Originally Posted by MixedUpCurlyChick
Most of us only take PayPal. It's not unreasonable to make those comments about positive feedback. But I must say, I've done tons of swaps and 750+ transactions with my samples--had very few negative experiences. The PayPal shipping for printing your labels is a good idea. They require shipping confirmation--it's only $.19 when you print the label from them and free with Priority Mail. My worst experience was when I didn't use confirmation for an expensive product--it was the only time something wasn't received and I had no recourse but to return the money.
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