I had no idea BM was such a miracle drug. Poor DD was going to the doctor all the time during her first year. If only I'd known . . .

I just had to chime in though and say how beautiful your wee one is, Medussa. She's absolutely gorgeous!
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Thanks, Lolo!

I started being more consistent and have seen an improvement, but it has been slow. The pediatrician prescribed Vigamox (2x/day for 4-5 days) and since I had the drops on hand already, I started them on Monday. I have only been doing it once a day since she screams in discomfort whenever I put a drop in her eye. This morning the drops actually made her eye really red. I know from using it myself that the drops really sting.

So, I'm going to stop using the drops and continue with the breastmilk. I'll do that in conjunction with massaging her tearduct, which the pediatrician also recommended. Hopefully by week's end, my little girl will be fully healed. Thanks!