CC -- For some people, the belief that the Constitution (the document granting the way of life supposedly being protected by our soldiers are supposed to be protecting) is a critical issue. I don't have a big problem with the words being in the pledge. It's not an official, governmental pledge. I have a problem with government entities using it compulsorily. If people want to use it in the context of private functions fine, the work meetings I go to do that and it doesn't bother me. Part of what bothers me about the arguments being offered in support (aside from factual and historical inaccuracies), gay marriage and the courthouse issue is that they seem to symbolize a narrowing of the fundamental tenet of separation of church and state. The gay marriage amendment idea is particularly troublesome b/c I can't imagine the Constitution being used to narrow and deprive a category of citizens of something. It disgusts me.

People can focus on and regard as important more than one thing. People were sensely dying of hunger, domestic violence and lack of adequate medical care before the war in Iraq. They will continue to do so afterward. I still care about all of those things a great deal in addition to caring about the issues surrounding the Constitution.