I tried a Yogi Dong Quai tea - Dong Quai is an herb that is supposed to be helpful for painful periods. It gave my uterus a mild burning sensation and also tasted terrible (like really strong black licorice and celery). I tried adding parsley to my diet too and it did the same thing. Maybe that's a sign that it's helping but I didn't like it. You have to be careful of natural stuff just like you would other medicines. Some herbs can have interactions with prescription drugs (I take an anti-depressant) which I never expected.

I drink raspberry leaf tea almost daily because my parents own a raspberry bush and the leaves are free plus there's a lot more info out there on this. I suppose it doesn't matter now since I'm on the pill already and that is taking care of the period pain so far. But I'm looking at other things I can do long-term (I definitely plan to take bc at least another month). I've heard about the progesterone creams but since I don't have a known hormone imbalance or irregular cycles, I hesitate to do something like that. I'll bring it up to my doctor though (I see him next month). Thanks for the suggestions!