I live in Vancouver and this past summer I had a really hard time finding reasonably priced jojoba oil. A lot of "normal" stores carry coconut oil, etc but don't have jojoba oil. Lots of health food stores and Whole Foods sell pure jojoba oil but at really high prices! Usually a 4oz bottle is priced at $16 (I know the exact same brands sell for about $8 in the US).

Anyways, after lots of googling, I found this site:

The jojoba oil can be found under the "base oils and butters" section. I got a 8oz bottle for about $10 plus $7 shipping. The shipping fee was the minimum for small packages within Canada (Canada post) but I bet if you buy larger bottles, you will probably be able to still use that shipping price so it will be an even better deal!
So overall I paid about the same price as if I had bought it at a health food store but got twice as much jojoba oil!

P.S. Random fact: I use jojoba oil as a face moisturizer because I have very sensitive skin with pores that clog easily if I use drugstore moisturizers.