My doctor put me on low progestrone pills, because I had a sensitive stomache, and wasn't sexually active and she said it wouldn't mess with my hair. (Added bonus) So I never noticed a change in my curls
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Is that what they mean by "low" pills: Ortho Tri-Cyclen Low, Yasmin, Loestrin, etc.? I was never clear on that... I figured low pills meant they contain lower doses of all hormones. I asked specifically about no-estrogen pills but my doctor told me they were mainly for breastfeeding women and wouldn't do me much good. Loestrin, what I'm taking, is a low pill. I'm not sure if what I have is a low progesterone pill, but the lower the better on all hormones is ideally what I want because I don't need birth control and I don't have very irregular cycles. I'd just like shorter periods and less intense PMS. I actually experienced the worst moodswings ever for my first cycle on the Loestrin. It only lasted a day, at least.

Do you notice changes in your skin from the pill, Mysticspiral? Skin dryness is the only side affect save for the PMS moodswings that I've had so far. I'm not sure if my change in hair texture is a result of the pill b/c I'd think the pill would only affect the hair that is coming in now. The timing is definitley funny, though, so it could be due to the pill.