I used the body envy this morning and yes, I agree - it does disappear very quickly once squeezed into the hands. BUT, I don't have good luck with the real creamy ones.
I put a small dab into my hair and then plopped for 15 min. It looked real curly and bouncy when I took the towel off. I diffused dry and sprayed on some of my scrunch spray and diffused more.
It is now mid afternoon and it still looks good. Bouncy, shiney ringlets with decent hold. It's windy outside too!
I'll see how it looks second day. I usually don't like to start over and wash til 3rd or 4th day. No frizz at all today.
The real test will be tomorrow am.... Will post again.

UPDATE: Ended up not working for me. Second day hair was horrible. Stringy and NO curls at all.
Went back to using my gel.

Natural hair color - dark brunette
Fine, thinish hair/3a, 3b