After being able to use it a few more times I think it is just o.k. The smell of citrus toothpaste is just really off putting to me. The feeling of Elmer glue isn't really helping either. It feels sticky and sometimes stays sticky in my hair if I don't use the exact right amount.

So not HG for me. It works o.k. but I have found other things that work as well and/or better like DM Mira Curls Gelly, DB Natural Coil Gelly, and Curls Gel-Les'C.
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I feel the same way about this but I am not ready to give up completely yet. I've had a few great hair days but for the most part I've had inconsistant results with it.
3a fine; dense; medium-low porosity, frizz prone

Current Favs: KM Shampoo bars, Darcy's pumpkin seed conditioner, CJ Repair Me; CJCR, CJCCC; Marie Dean products; DM Miracurls Gelly; KCCC; CJCQ; LA Looks sport gel

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