I wore a full weave with tree braids in the front. I had a quick weave once but hated removing the glue. Also had freestyle braids and kinky twists. I transitioned for one year and did not leave in these styles for very long..maybe 8 weeks at one time. I waited a few weeks in between styles.
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I love doing quick weaves now that I know how to. Don't forget to layer a shower cap underneath a stocking cap when you apply the glue. For those not ready to make the costly investment in the world of Full lace wigs, try synthetics first. There are some great vendors on eBay that are cheap and will give you experience. As previously stated, beware of the glue!!! I found out the hard way and now I stick to www.hairsisters.com for my lace fronts. Cheap, less realistic...but still cute and definitely cost effective.