I'm really happy with the combo of products I use and get great curls...however, I've tried several things to refresh them at the end of the day or to get 2nd day hair and usually doesn't turn out that well..Any suggestions?

I've tried Jessicurl products and do NOT like it at all. All I get is frizz...
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Well, I see that you're talking about refreshing curls at the end of the day or for 2nd day curls. For the 2nd day curl aspect of it, you should pineapple...you probably already knew about that. I don't use a satin pillowcase, but I plan to get one. For now, I just use a cheap, somewhat soft cotton t-shirt over my regular pillow like a pillowcase. But for even better results, use a satin nightcap or satin pillowcase with it.

To refresh either at the end of the day or for 2nd day curls, I like to dilute some Lustrasilk Olive Oil Cholesterol Leave-in (this works with any conditioner..V05/Suave works too) into an empty spray bottle. Maybe about a teaspoon of conditioner (just eyeball it). It's kind of hard to get it in, but a funnel will work really well if you have one.

Then fill it up about a 1/4 or 1/3 of the way with water, make sure it's closed tightly, and shake, shake, shake until fully blended.

Spray some into your curls, a little bit at a time. Hold your arm as far away as your hair as you can...sometimes spraying to close with result in only spraying in one place. Here, you need fine mist to distribute it properly.

Anyway, spray a little at a time, and then scrunch it gently into your curls. Spray a little more--scrunch into your curls. Adjust it to your liking.

That's what I do...and I love it! I also spray into my hand and smooth it over frizzies.

And to finish it off I like to get a touch of EcoStyler gel, run my hands under water, and smooth over surface frizz with it. And voila! I'm done.

I hope that works for you Good luck.
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