My SIL is pregnant.

ETA: GP having kids might be odd. My parents swore that they wouldn't baby sit MY kids all time, weren't going to retire and then end up taking care of their grandkids and junk. Will be interesting to see if this is true for his kids as well.
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Shotgun wedding?
Girl, you know it ain't gonna be true...

SC...absofarginlutely...interesting dynamics to say the least, eh?
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If by interesting, you meant stupid, insane and maddening..yes, yes, very interesting! Sometimes I just want to shake their mom and say "THIS ISN'T HELPING. STOP GIVING HIM THINGS." She won't listen though.
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I know...very frustrating...I can't get my folks to understand the enabling thing is so not helping...

J~ how are things going w/ GP? It will be interesting to see what happens once the baby comes. Do they know what they are having? That will come into play as well...

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