Aw, thanks for the compliments

Napp, can you tell me about the laying technique, too?

Because this is a PRIME example of what her hair's looking like now. Just yesterday I put her hair into 6 plaits and I used the following:

--homemade spray with water, leave-in, African oil blend (you know, like Hot Sixx) and a touch of veg. glycerin

---a whipped mix of pure shea butter (unrefined), African oil blend, and pure coconut oil

This is what her hair looks like today, and to tell you the truth, it looked much like this right after I braided it yesterday. Is this breakage?? What am I doing wrong???
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she is so cute!

sorry if i missed the post where you listed all of the products you used on her hair, but could you post all of the products you use on her hair?

i wonder if those oils don't agree with hair? and perhaps the shea butter too? my hair doesn't like straight oils, and definitely doesn't like shea butter or coconut oil.

if you are using the african royale brand, that oil has a cone:
Olive Oil , Canola Oil , Wheat Germ Oil , Sweet Almond Oil , Safflower Oil , Castor Oil , Sesame Oil , Vitamins E , Vitamins A , Vitamins D , Cyclomethicone , Sheep Sorrell , Yarrow , Wheat Germ , Slippery Elm Bark , Sage , Henna , Comfrey , Burdock Root , Goldenseal , Cherry Bark , Black Walnut , Chamomile , Alfalfa , Hyssop , Fragrance.
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