I lift the top layer and mist, then mist the top layer, then scrunch gently to work the dampness around (I have a little conditioner in the spray bottle mixed with water). I may spray a little gel on, too, but sometimes that makes it a little too crunchy the second day.

I pineappled the other night and didn't have to do anything to my hair the next day, though! I think that's pretty "hit or miss", though. Sometimes you just get lucky!
Started CG 10/21/09

2b/c - medium porosity, texture and density

Co-wash - Suave Lavendar Lilac
Rinse out - L'Oreal Vive Pro medium/long/curly/wavy
Styling - KCCC, Artec Textureline Volume Gel
Techniques - Pixiecurl diffusing