You all have gorgeous hair, including the precious baby girl!

I BC'd (mostly, I'd say 60% of my head is natural) this weekend and I think I have spongy hair.

I'm afraid to over-gel or comb my hair so I haven't achieved a good look yet. I might try shingling or something soon, and get over my fear of too much gel.

I have a 32 oz tub of it, I need to stop being a baby, haha.
4a, fine-coarse, normal-high porosity, thick and dense sponge cake!
currently texlaxed!
APL stretched, ear length curly.
Hair <3s: butters, glycerin, honey, coconut, aloe, olive oil
Hair </3s: other oils, protein, 'cones, sulfates
Cleanse: Bentonite Clay
Condition: Shea Moisture Restorative, KUI Hydrating Hemp
Leave-In: KCKT+castor oil, KUI Coconut Cream
Style: Curl pudding (eco styler blue gel+shea butter+castor oil+conditioner)