Hi , i have had henna that has been harvested since 2007 in my freezer since I got it. I had gotten about 100 boxes .. but stopped using it because of the red colour it deposited. I want to start back in Jan and want to know it it would be ok to use since it has been in the freezer all this time .. orrr if i have to pitch it
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I am no expert on henna, but from a pure food/herbal perspective, I would hesitate to use anything that's been in the freezer 6 months to a year. And it sounds like your batch has been in there twice that long. I don't think your hair will fall out or anything, but I think you will have to do a lot more treatments to get the color/conditioning results you would get from a fresh batch. It sounds like you were saturated on the color anyway, so maybe if you just do what you usually do it would take longer for the color to saturate your hair and you could do treatments for longer. It's worth a shot. I would try a treatment and if you don't get any negative results, keep on going!
It'll save you money. But in the future, I would buy small batches to keep it fresh if you don't plan to consistently henna.
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Thanks a bunch for answering. Im going to buy another big batch because when I big chop next year I plan to henna twice a week. I just have to make sure my supplier will still be available next year around my BC date. However im going to keep the old set and use that for henna glosses in my deep treatment
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