@TeeNeeBut - no one can look at your hair and tell if you have spongy, thready, cottony, wiry, silky hair because the description is based on how your hair reacts to certain conditions etc. read thru the LOIS descriptions and see if you identify with any one of them more than the other.

Find Your LOIS Texture:
Shine is a sharp reflection of light while Sheen is a dull reflection of light.

Thready - Hair as a low sheen, with high shine if the hair is held taut (as in a braid), with low frizz. Wets easily but water dries out quickly.

Wiry - Hair has a sparkly sheen, with low shine and low frizz. Water beads up or bounces off the hair strands. Hair never seems to get fully wet.

Cottony - Hair has a low sheen, a high shine if the hair is held taunt and has high frizz. Absorbs water quickly but does not get thoroughly wet very fast.

Spongy - Hair has a high sheen with low shine with a compacted looking frizz. Absorbs water before it gets thoroughly wet.

Silky - Hair has low sheen, a very high shine, with a lot or low frizz. Easily wets in water.
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Thanks for clarifying! And thanks to cayisha_azul as well!