I am lucky that the healing center at which I work I am able to buy in bulk organic henna at a discount!!! But I hear you
about staying supplied!! I haven't received my order yet so I went to the health food store today and bought 4 oz for $7!!
Fortunately, I used a gelled henna recipe which made it so that I only used 1/3 of the container for my shoulder lenght hair!! Henna has become my personal brand of hair heroine !!
3c/4a/fine strands/medium porosity/iii-dense!
wash: JC Hair Cleansing Cream or cowash
Leave in: HE Dangerously Straight, HE HH
Occasional Treatmet/Pre-poo: AV Shikakai Growth Elixir, Wild Woozle Tiare Pomade, Ojon Restorative Hair Tx
Tightly Curly Method Convert <3 cured of PJism (alas.....) Now I'm a makeup PJ!!!
BC'd on 6/17/10!!!! Do I like it?? I love it!!
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