Wow...I'm really curious about henna and indigo but Idk if I'm up for the challenege lol. How long did it take u? I feel overwhelmed when I read these henna threads b/c I would wanna use amla as well (for curl retention) and it sounds like several things to do at once

How did u prevent the running colors from staining the floor etc?

So after spending a weekend in henna hell, I will say that I do like the results. My hair is shiny, jet black, moisturized and the curl pattern has loosened up a tiny bit which is a good thing for me anyway. It's still shedding like MAD, but that has more to do with the hell that is detangling than anything else. I'm sure that in time that will get better.

I'd do this again, but I'd definitely do a henna/ingido mix because my hair and scalp felt used and abused by the two step process. WAY too much manipulation...
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