OMG YES. i'm so glad im not the only one

ive been wearing twists since march. im sick of them and they still dont look cute on me.(the length) im thinking why am i wearing a style that looks bad on me? there are other protective styles!Shoot i think i might buy a new flat iron and wear it straight soon! im looking into doing sets like roller sets, braid outs and twist outs for a while.

and i like that video. her vids are great. i may try some of those styles!
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I tried the puff and it was a little bit of a disaster. No matter how much gel I put on my hair it doesn't slick back. I would have to use gel and tie it down at night for it to be flat. Does your hair slick back? (BTW Before you get a new flat iron, you may want to invest in curlformers. You can get it straight without the heat.)
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No i CANNOT slick my hair back. this is also why i have difficulty doing a "simple" puff. to pull my hair back i kinda "lay" my hair together. when i dont use my laying technique my hair gets "flat" which is a flat,dull, crinkled look which i do not like. to lay my hair required alot of gel though which is why buns and puff are not staple styles of mine.

also curlformers are 'spensive! i rather get flexi rods and a new flat iron.
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Napp are you going to help us out by giving us your coveted laying technique?
Current Regimen: I am doing protective styles for the winter. Two Strand Twists and Twist Outs. Wet hair in the middle of winter is not cute.
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