***While this seems to be helping Porous heads in particular, Low & Med porosity types are benefitting as well ****

The idea of using a lighter condish to co-wash and then a thicker one as a rinse out came from this site I believe? In the original CG Handbook this isn't how co-washing was introduced.

For wavies & those still using shampoo it was coat your hair with 1T conditioner, use a shampoo on your scalp and rinse it all through. Then take a small amt (about 1t) and rinse that through. If you weren't using shampoo you would just use about 1T of conditioner total. Obviously you would have to adjust things as needed for your own hair. For extra cleansing you would mist your scalp and hair with some Lavender mist and be done. I wonder if a lot of us over do it with Co-washing and then using another round of conditioning on top of that? I know I did so I started using Low Poos but didn't really like the results I was getting and I really hated co-washing it totally weighed me down.

This is what I do now I call it Spritz and Condish

1. Mist Hair well with a water bottle

2. Use conditioner and scrunch it all in ( I prefer a really nice moisturizing one not a Suave or Vo5) let it sit for 5-10mins.

3. Get in shower rinse it all out (upside down provides more clumping) then add a small amt to ends and scrunch it through. Low Poo Scalp and scrub. If you need to detangle with a comb or brush this would be a good time to do it since your hair is really wet.

I still need to Low Poo my length, on occasion but I find as long as the conditioner has surfactants in it I'm good. My favorite surfactant being Behentrimonium Methosulfate it seems to clean better for my hair.

I've been doing this since the Summer and it continues to work great for me. I've shared this with a couple other wavies and it's worked well for them. Hopefully we'll get some input from them.

So let's hear it for the Spritz & Condish Who's going to try this and report their results? I know I have some Pics will post them later or I'll take some new ones since my hair is shorter now. Actually my Avie is using this method.
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