sorry i was actually trying to think how i can explain without being confusing.

to lay my hair instead of trying to smooth hair toward the scalp i smooth it away from the scalp.

i find that a fine toothed comb is the best for this but a denman like brush can work also.

only the top layer of the layer needs to be done this way so first i comb the majority of the hair back.

then i slap on the gel and comb outwards, away from the scalp. this produces a large wavy layer or hair.

then i smooth the layer down with a light pressure. too little pressure cause the layer to lift and too much pressure cause it to beome flat.

also if i use too much gel it will become flat. when it becomes flat because of too much gel i cannot fix it without washing it and starting all over.

for some reason i cannot do this with wet hair. the hair had to be on the drier side of damp from really good results. i think this is why i use so much gel.

my gel of choice for this is wet line xtreme gel. it always gives me consistent results when i use this technique.

i also got good results with using petroleum jelly but i found it to be hard to find the right balance between good hold and greasiness.

im sorry if this sounds confusing. i plan on doing a pictorial of this next month.

this is when i 1st bced

this is with grease and conditioner
4a transitioning
Straight haired natural journey

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