I'm really glad you told me about this DEL, because I've been doing it ever since you told me about it (unless I'm washing to get rid of hard water build up). I modified it though, cause I'm a little lazy. However with the modifications, it works great for me.

I get in the shower and get my hair wet. I condition the length, or in my case, usually only the part of my hair that feels dry, which is my canopy (the most damaged). I keep the conditioner away from my scalp and roots. I then loo-poo the scalp, roots, nape of my neck, and just above my ears which are all the parts that tend to get very greasy for me. I rinse all that out, and then will add just a bit of conditioner to my whole head and rinse. So its not quite the same DEL, but it has worked to give more moisture to the parts that need it, without totally greasing up the parts that don't.
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