I LOVE Del's Spritz method. I've been doing it for about three months now (has it been that long?). My hair has only been dry once, and it was during a two-week period when I washed normally.

I spritz my hair and then apply rinse-out (usually GVP CB). Leave in for up to 30 min while doing other things. Then when I hop in the shower, I go straight to co-washing if it's a co-wash day. If not, I skip to the next step of brushing my conditioner through. I don't brush the conditioner through when I first apply due to breakage fears. I get my hair a little wet before brushing. From then on, it's normal washing.

It's really not any hassle to do this method. For me, it's no different than DTing. With this method, I don't need to DT at all. I actually save time during the washing process, because not only am I not waiting for my rinse-out to soak in a bit, but my hair doesn't absorb as much water as usual. This means not much water to squeeze out and cutting down on diffusing time. And since it doesn't have as much water to absorb, it absorbs more conditioner and stays super moisturized.

It's amazing and I'm so glad Del introduced me to it! I definitely recommend it to highly porous curlies!
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