Alright I'll try it tomorrow or Thurs and let you know. I found that if I use Suave to cowash I need a lot but with Healty Sexy Hair Pumpkin condish and Wen I didn't and I was using the latter 2 as both cowash and rinse-out. I only need to cowash 2x a week anyway and I rarely ever low poo. Anything that cuts down my drying time is golden plus I need a lot of detangling so maybe letting the condish sit that long could help.
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Try it upside down Jess I'm telling you it makes a difference. Just like the Ice Queen method I totally forgot you were porous! I'm very curious to see how this works for you because Jenn and I are both coarse as well as on the porous side and so far we're the only ones that have been doing this. If I do decide I need more condish after rinsing it's not very much at all and then I keep scrunching while rinsing.
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