So after spending a weekend in henna hell, I will say that I do like the results. My hair is shiny, jet black, moisturized and the curl pattern has loosened up a tiny bit which is a good thing for me anyway. It's still shedding like MAD, but that has more to do with the hell that is detangling than anything else. I'm sure that in time that will get better.

I'd do this again, but I'd definitely do a henna/ingido mix because my hair and scalp felt used and abused by the two step process. WAY too much manipulation...
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What did you use to wash it out with?
I have found that if you:
a) detangle your hair before you henna ( you can wash (or cowash) and detangle prior and henna on damp hair) , the wash out goes more easily and
b) if you rinse out the henna with tons of conditioner, like half a bottle, ( you can use a cheapie one for this) you're less with the tangles and shedding.
(((sorry about the excessive parentheticals!!!)))
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I do both of those things.. detangled before I applied the henna but I wasn't able to co-wash between the henna and indigo applications. In order for the two step to work, you can't wash or co-wash your hair between rinsing out the henna and applying the indigo. My hair was sooo dry and felt stripped after rinsing out the henna because I had only used water. So by the time I began to apply the indigo my hair was tangled and halfway dry. It was kinda like torture.

Also indigo is crumbly and cakey no matter how smooth you make it, not like henna at all. So it was difficult to just smooth into the hair, everything just turned into an even more tangled mess. More torture.

After I sat with it for the 2 hours I couldn't WAIT to get some conditioner in my hair. Used an entire bottle of TJ's Nourish Spa, then did a DC with AOHSR, THEN another detangling sessions which was what produced all that shedding. It was just that the two step was way too much stress on my hair. I would even venture to say that after all of that my hair was OVER conditioned, I cringed every time I heard that snapping noise that was my hair. I wanted to take my time but I just wanted it over with, my scalp was screaming. I had such a headache.

It's better today.. flat twisted and not to be touched this week AT ALL. MY hair needs a break.

I love the color though and it looks shiny and the curl loosened a bit which is what I wanted. I'd do it again, but I'd NEVER do the two step again. Way too much. next time (probably in about two weeks), I'll just do a hendigo or a gloss.
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Wow.....bummer!!! I've actually had great luck with henna glosses. I've never worked with the two step process, just with the henna and indigo premixed.

I'm sending you healing hair vibes!
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Thank you! My hair/head feels sooo much better. Feels amazing tooo! I can say that I am officially a henna head. Definitely doing it again.. well a hendigo anyway.
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