Cammiecam so sorry to here about your issues with the two step process. I was wondering how much water you were using in your henna? It draws water so make sure that your mix is like stirred yogurt especially if you are only using water in your mix. You can also put some coconut oil on your hair before you apply the henna to prevent dryness. Let it soak in as long as possible first. It won't stop the color from taking.

I wonder why it made your hair so tangled. Did you make sure that you didn't scrunch your hair up while you were rinsing the powders out? Did you let the conditioner sit on your hair and soften your strands up before you starting detangling?
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I didn't scrunch my hair while rinsing out the henna.. at least I don't think I did. My hair is prone to tangling because it's extremely tightly curled at the crown. I usually wash my hair in four sections to prevent tangles but with the henna I wasn't able to do that since it was all one big mass of hair.

I actually ended up stirring MORE water into the indigo halfway through the application to see if that would help but indigo is just crumbly, that's just the nature of it's texture I guess. It was already too watery because for the two hours I had it on my head I was dripping quite a bit.

I let the condish sit for more than an hour before detangling, and even slapped more into each section as I detangled in an attempt to make it easier...

I will DEFINITELY try the coconut oil in between the two treatments if I decide to do it again. My hair needed some kind moisture after rinsing out the henna. I was just afraid that the color wouldn't take if I used anything...

Thanks for the advice!
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