I'm so glad your hair is happy again!!! Yaay! I hate hair trauma! I mentioned above that I did a gelled henna application that made the rinse out waaaaaaay easy-- like a henna gloss. If yo do the two step process again, maybe try that for the henna part or bnoth parts!! The upside of the gelled henna is that you use way less henna for great results. I used 50grams and I have thick, shoulder length hair when dry!
Keep us posted!
3c/4a/fine strands/medium porosity/iii-dense!
wash: JC Hair Cleansing Cream or cowash
Leave in: HE Dangerously Straight, HE HH
Occasional Treatmet/Pre-poo: AV Shikakai Growth Elixir, Wild Woozle Tiare Pomade, Ojon Restorative Hair Tx
Tightly Curly Method Convert <3 cured of PJism (alas.....) Now I'm a makeup PJ!!!
BC'd on 6/17/10!!!! Do I like it?? I love it!!
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