I'm not porous or a wavy but this got me to thinking....I have read that for a conditioner to better be absorbed in your hair, to blot out excess water and then apply your conditioner. In other words the wetter your hair, the less it absorbs the conditioner. I can see how spritzing your hair instead of soaking it and then applying conditioner would work better. I am going to try this.
I've also noticed that some stylers do better with more water while others are the opposite. For example the Gel-les'c...I don't know if it's because it's a "light" gel or what, but I've noticed that it does awesome in my hair when I blot out excess water and then use a leave in/detangler, whereas when I used it doing the SSM or with dripping hair out of the shower...it didn't do too good.

Maybe this is the key to getting more out of my conditioner as far as moisturizing...hmmm..and maybe I don't need a thicker conditioner after co-washing. you know Del you are pretty smart.

I will try this tomorrow when I wash. Thanks!
I hope I made sense.
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