maybe I don't need a thicker conditioner after co-washing. you know Del you are pretty smart.
As much as I'd like to take credit for being "smart" this isn't my idea it's in the original CG handbook! She never talked about using a lighter condish for co-washing it's done with one Condish. It's no wonder so many end up over conditioned when they are introduced to the idea of using 2 conditioners!! This still works for some, but again you need to find what works for YOU. For me it's a disaster unless I'm super thirsty which I haven't been since doing the Spritz & Condish

You're right curleykey about the blotting before adding condish. You will absorb it better so I'm taking it one step further by spritzing letting it work itself in, then rinsing it out and adding a tad more if needed. I don't think this is only for porous heads but I know the porous ones struggle to keep their moisture, so it should be very helpful to those curlies. Hopefully

You be sure and report your results now!
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