Whew! I just read through this entire thread and have to comment and ask a question or two.
First of all, I totally agree with the idea of this working for porous head (of which I am a member). I however am definitely NOT a wavy and the last two posts discussing applying condish to DRY hair got me really thinking. When I do a DT I always apply to dry hair.

The comment about applying product/cond. to damp hair is interesting to me and I tend to agree with it. Last night, I decided to try Alexjoujou's recommendation for adding conditioner until no more frizz was seen (I used a LOT of conditioner) but no matter how much I added it kept frizzing. Eventually my hair started to dry out a bit and as it did and I kept applying conditioner I noticed that it seemed to be eliminating more frizz then when my hair was soaking wet.

I will try the spritz and condish method first because my hair is so porous that it just soaks everything up. Hair does need some water I assume as well as emollients.

One question for Del - Are you still sealing after with this method? For me, my hair poufs up something fierce if I don't seal with oil or shea butter. It is the only way I can retain curl definition for more than a few hours after dry. Are you saying that this method corrects that issue?

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