I'm not much for posting, but the stylist I found isn't mentioned here, and he really deserves a shout-out.

Going back a bit, I moved to SD about a year ago and the first couple of cuts I had were from Kate at Hairspray. She really is super nice, and was enthusiastic about cutting curly hair, but I was sort of "meh" about the results. She tended to style it by twirling it in clumps, which is simply way more effort than I will ever make (yep, I'm lazy). I also had a problem with the way the front was cut. My hair tends to fall forward in my face, and the angle she cut looked great with it pushed back out of my face, but inevitably the hair fell forward and created this sort of triangle on the side of my head. Not so pretty. Even after I explained this and she tried to correct it, I had the same problem. So again, I really liked Kate, I just don't think her cutting style worked with my hair.

The next time I needed a cut, Kate had left Hairspray (sorry I don't have her new salon, she sent an email, but I've since deleted it. It's somewhere in Northpark--hopefully someone will come here and post the info). This seemed to me to be a good time to try someone new. I initially made an appointment with Susan Kende for the first available time--two months out. Ugh. About a month before the appointment, I couldn't take it. My hair was going up in a miserable bun every single day and something had to be done. So I poked around and actually looked on the Deva website for stylists in my area. Lo and behold, there's a listing for Keiffer Skipper, who happens to be at Hairspray. I was able to get an appointment for the next day and I'm so glad!

Keiffer recently returned to San Diego after working at the Devachan salon in New York for a year! If you're at all interested in trying the Deva methods, he followed them to a T. He spent a long time dry-cutting the individual curls, then painted on the highlights. He styled using the deva method with paper towel drying and clips on top, then he spent even more time cutting individual curls until it was just right. It's been a couple of months since the cut, and I'm still thrilled. I can pretty much do my wash-and-go styling and have it look decent, if not quite as perfect as the salon. No more triangle head! He said I wouldn't need a cut for 6 months, although I will need my highlights done.

I've never been overly concerned about the method used to cut my hair, as long as the results are there, but now I really understand the hype about the devacurl thing. And Keiffer really did it right. His prices are very reasonable, too (especially considering I only need 2 cuts a year). And like I said, since he is just back in SD he doesn't have a huge customer base and getting an appointment is easy. Also, I don't love the Devacurl line, but if that's your thing, he's got them carrying it at Hairspray now.