crazy curlz I don't think this will only work for wavies curlay girlay isn't a wavie and it worked for her.
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Nope, I'm a definite curly and this has worked wonders. Anyways...

Tried this method for the third time today, even though I didn't need a wash. I wanted to make sure it really works and I'm not dreaming

And once again it worked its magic and I'm having one of my best hair days ever! I got many many compliments today.

I'm one happy curly!
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I'm so happy for you I know this has made a huge difference for me too!!

Now again, this isn't a NEW idea in fact I'm pretty sure Tiffany's book suggests doing a DT this way sleeping on it then washing the next morning. Only difference is that there is no reason why this will only work for DT days. Do it as much as you want! In the Summer I was having to wash every day cuz of swimming and I never got OC'd.
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