BB you keep shoving words in people's mouths. Stop it!

Did you ACTUALLY read what I wrote? Did you read why my husband and I have been trough? Did you read what I said about them getting those things? When we were living in the 900 square foot single wide trailer with 2 kids if someone had offered me $100 shoes I would have asked for help with groceries instead of the shoes.

Anyone who accepts those things and takes government help has their priorities messed up.

And BB I have SEEN it abused. It's a FACT, not an opinion. I've seen crack dealers on welfare. I lived near them. It was one of the only places we could afford at the time. The dealer was driving a corvette... now you explain to me how that's not abusing the system.

And I never said I was ok with ANY bail outs. I'm NOT! I was against all of them. It goes against what I know works. If a company can't keep above water then they need to go away. That's the way it works.

And you asked what are we supposed to do? We HELP them, you and I, not Uncle Sam. That's what we do. We give our time and money to the charity that we want to help, that we are drawn to. I know you work at one, and that great, but it's not the same as volunteering. And I'm not saying you don't, I no clue if you do or not. But that's what we do.

Adia said it perfectly, they can go to college, with a free ride and have their childcare paid for. I had friends that did it. That would be in the system now if they had not, but they got themselves out. There should a limit on how long you can be in the system. We aren't helping them by letting them stay where they are.

And tell my how are $100 shoes and cell phones and cable TV and new cars a necessity? And if they have people to give those to them shouldn't those people be helping them, like we had family help us instead of the government? And the welfare queen is not a myth, I've SEEN it.

Also the baby a woman carries is NOT her body, if it was it would have her DNA, it doesn't. That baby has his or her own genetic code, so you aren't protecting your body.

Agree that the rate of divorce is insane. And I do think that people need to take marriage more seriously. But just because someone else doesn't take it seriously doesn't mean I don't. To ME (this is my opinion) marriage is sacred. And how is saying the I'm fine with civil unions taking away any rights? Civil unions would hold the same LEGAL rights as marriage. So if it's rights you were really after that should be fine because they would have them.

And stop assuming what I believe, you don't know me or what I believe, if you want to know, ask. I've done that for you.