I wasn't talking to you directly (which is why I didn't quote you). It is truly great you were able to lift yourself out of poverty but not everyone has your fortitude. I just can't watch people starve and die b/c they are lazy.

It is strange but a lot of people accept poverty in other countries - and wouldn't call the people there lazy - but not here.

College is no longer the solution to everything. The unemployment rate for recent grads is through the roof. A lot of kids are lucky in that their parents can support them but not everyone has that luxury. Shoot, we placed an ad for an entry level job that paid $30,000 and we had over 200 applicants, some with years of experience. How can people compete with that?

As for individuals helping those in need, that is (or should I say was) what Reagan preached but it didn't work. Not everyone cares enough to help others - we lack a sense of community and concern for others. There are plenty of people who have zero sympathy for the plight of others and won't help them. This is why we need government programs. Believe me, I hear this every day.

Yes, people do abuse the programs. But people also abuse marriage - people get married for green cards, for heaven's sake. Should we get rid of that? Being poor doesn't make you virtous and they are scum at every income level. But you don't toss everything out because of it.
A coward is incapable of exhibiting love; it is the prerogative of the brave.

-Mohandas Gandhi

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