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As far as doing treatments on wet vs. dry hair: another basic principle with hair is that moisture attracts moisture. A wet substance will always be more attracted to another web substance than it is to a dry substance. You can manipulate this principle to your advantage as well, as long as you are mindful of the degree of moisture you are using.
If, however, you VERY LIGHTLY mist your hair with water so that it is just this side of barely damp, the water mist will settle on the outside of your hair shaft and create a friendly environment for attracting another moist substance, and will help to carry it into the hair shaft. I do this all the time when I color hair and it can be an effective technique when apply a protein reconstructor or a deep treatment.
Now of course unless you become OC'd I see no reason why this principle can't be applied to co-washing as well. Especially if you're washing every couple days. I have not OC'd yet. It seems to me because you're absorbing a good amt. of condish prior to rinsing you don't need very much for a rinse out. With co-washing on very wet hair and then following with a rinse out, it's harder to gauge how much condish you actually need to get your hair effectively cleaned and hydrated. This theory works for me
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