Hmm, it's interesting that so many have had their curls loosened from the pill...I just went off of Yasmin after being on it for a few years, and I've gone from a 2c/3a to a 2b/2c after being off it for just over a month.
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I've had this reaction, as well. My hair was at it's curliest when I was on Desogen and the NuvaRing in college. I switched up to Seasonique, which raised my blood pressure rediculously, so I was taken off for 6-7 months, and my hair fell so flat I barely recognize it. I've just started taking Orthotricyclen Lo a month ago, so hopefully I'll see some improvement...
Curl Type: 3a/3b mix
Hair Texture: Thick, smooth, elastic; medium porosity
Hair Length: between the shoulder blades

My hair likes: Trader Joe's Tea Tree Tingle; FOTE/Aloe Vera Gel; Aussie Sprunch.

Currently Battling: dry, itchy scalp (and skin in general)