rudee there is NO way you have more hair then me.

Well, your hair likes water otherwise your SSM wouldn't have been so successful. SSM wasn't good for me as you know. Not sure how other porous types did with the SSM? I think goober does it....and it works for her.

So YES it could be some hair must be thoroughly wet to "accept" condish.

I read this on the Natural Haven:
Coconut oil reduces swelling of the hair shaft when the hair is immersed into water

Now maybe for porous heads we're creating the same kind of effect by doing this with conditioner. This is a good thing because we're trying to keep our cuticle from swelling. For Non-porous they may need water to penetrate and get effective conditioning.
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My hair does love coconut....
I have to say, the only reason I do the spritz and condish, is for my porous parts. there would be no reason if I didn't have this picky weird top part that seemed to eat products. The whole rest of my head will be slick with product but my porous patch will be dry and frizzy. With the spritz and condish, its not as bad anymore. It seems to even that out.

My new hair growth seems to never get wet. I'll be doing my final rinse (after the spritz and condish) and my roots will still feel like dry cotton, squeaky clean almost. SooOoo I'm guessing that as my hair grows out I'm going to have to adapt my routine.

The water when I re-soak my hair seems to be the only thing that clumps my hair together. Product won't do it. I have to get my hair to the correct clumpage with water, then put the product on.
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wow, so you have, like both scenarios.....
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