I understand the frustrations! At the same token, I should keep my mouth shut. My hair has been so much better off since starting the CG journey...I can make my hair curlier (with work and products), and I can have the sexy beachy waves with little effort, and I can straighten my hair with way less effort than the curlies have to put in.

BUT, this site can give you some real hair envy! "What I'd give for so-and-so's hair..." Oh yeah, I got hair envy!

I went from hard to soft. Is there a transition period???
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I did the same, but I went CG a month AFTER the move. So I don't know if I'm going to be of much help. BUT, water is something I have been suspecting as being a HUGE component of all this.

Have you noticed your soaps working better? Also, my skin isn't as dry. I almost never put on lotion. I still need to, but nothing like before. My skin would itch from being so dry before. BTW, I used to have to use Prell occasionally to remove oily build-up when I lived with hard water (no softener), and now with softer water I can use COwash to clean oils from my hair. I don't mean just everyday naturally produced oils, I mean when I put oil on my hair and go for a run and such. Just thought I'd mention it in case if some of your hair issues may be from lack of moisture. Again I went CG after I moved to soft water, and one of the first things I noticed was I was drying my hair out with my normal routine. So when I first went CG, I OC'ed my hair and ended up with a lack of protein, and frmo there went on the protein journey...and here I am back to getting moisture in my hair but now I have a better balance than before. But I certainly had to re-evaluate EVERYTHING I was doing to my hair, and it was the move that prompted me to figure out how. Thats when I found this place! We'll get it figured out!

I'm working on it! Seriously, I very quickly tired of the layering of multiple products that seems to be the norm in order to get all three of your wishes. So I'm concocting and cooking in my kitchen trying to see if I can create a miracle product. LOL, it's probably impossible but I have time on my hands and may as well give it a try eh?

I'll post if I have any success. Just know that you are not the only one who wants ONE styling product that does it all.
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I'd settle for 2 products for purfect curly hair at the moment! Gah, I'll think I have something figured out and a few hours later my hair looks bad, or it feels awful to touch, etc. I've been reading up on the ingredients of current fav products and other people's mixes, and experimenting a bit "in hand" to see what my hair likes and what it doesn't. We ought to start a thread on it! Maybe with info like climate, hair porosity, etc.?
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