How many of you are doing this?

It's been almost five months since my last perm, and i have about 3 inches of new growth, 1 when the hair is dry and curly (i'm a 4a). i love my new growth, but the difference between the two textures is getting to be pretty dramatic.

i work with a lot of clients, so i'm starting to feel like i look "messy".

i'm seriously considering putting in a weave for about a year while my hair grows to a length i'm comfortable with wearing.

my #1 priority, though, is having healthy hair. i know there is some strain on the hair follicles when you wear a weave (i've never had one).

What are your experiences with it? Has it worked?
I feel like i have very few other options short of cutting it all off. I just don't like short hair on me.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!
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im also wearing a weave . the braids pull on ur hair so it tends to grow easier than jus bcing in leaveing ur hair out (=