Ok, so I tried this is morning. The results are...interesting.

I used some Nature's Gate as my "pre-shower" condish, and laid it on thick after some spritzing (I'm trying to use this condish up as I don't like it). I let it sit for about 5 minutes, then scrubbed my scalp with my fingers then my scalp brush, basically co-washing before my shower.

Then I got in, wet my hair just a little more, added some White Rain (again, just using this up) and finished co-washing since I didn't feel "clean" enough before. Lightly rinsed (about 75% condish still in there), added my rinse out, then let it sit while I detangled. Rinsed fully and got out.

Now here's what's odd: my hair was drying so fast that it wasn't the drippy mess it usually is when I apply products (immediately out of the shower). It was about as dry as my hair gets maybe 40 minutes out of the shower! Needless to say, I was quite worried, because I know by now that my hair loves to be VERY wet when I add product.

I used KBB mask as my leave-in (it's my ONLY good condish right now!), then Boots and coco oil to seal because the Midwest air is dry dry DRY! By this point, my hair wasn't dripping even a tiny bit! It was just very very damp.

A little finger styling and I was out the door. It's been two hours since I added product; and my hair feels like it's been maybe 3.5 or even 4!!

Pros: HUGE cut in dry time!, faster shower (because I co-wash outside for the most part, plus I don't let the rinse-out sit as long since I did my "pre-poo")

Cons: so far...none. My curls are skinnier than usual, but I can probably fix that by adding my products in the shower (usually I turn off the water, towel off, get dressed, then go do the products).


But...seeing that my hair loves more water than it apparently got with this method (based on how I clump more with more water), maybe I'm less porous than I thought? I'm definitely not "low porosity," but maybe less porous than what I thought? But I still use a lot of product, without ANY producty feeling (if I'm using products I like)...

How exciting.
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